Design Challenge Day Five

3:00:00 PM

First things first, I have to apologize for not posting the daily design challenges. Friday I was very sick and then Saturday, Scott and I adopted a kitten! It was all very spur of the moment! You can see the pictures if you follow me on Instagram! Link HERE!

Now on to today's design challenge! While I was sitting here this morning watching the new kitten play with his toys, he kept playing with this one feather one, so I decided to make a feather art print!

Watercolor Feather Art Print

What do you think? I personally love the simplicity of the design, as well as the soft colors. I didn't want to make it too vibrant. I wanted it to be noticeable on a gallery wall, but not be the main piece. But you could definitely make it the main piece by printing it larger with a really nice frame.

Watercolor Feather Art Print
I'm going to put the download link below, but if you want it printed bigger than an 8.5X11 then I'll have it in my online store. I really hope you guys are enjoying the design challenges, and remember, if you want something specific done, or want to challenge me, just leave it in the comments!

Download HERE

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