Design Challenge Day Four

3:00:00 PM

This design came very easy to me this morning when I sat at my desk. I have spent that last couple days at my parents house, my dad had surgery and I wanted to hang out with them for a little while.
But when you're not home for a little while and you finally step through that door, there's a sense of "ahhh" that just rushes over you. So this morning when I sat down to do the design challenge for the day, it just came to me and it was finished way before my deadline.

Wall Art Print ONLY $12

Ahhhh. I love it! Lately I've been having an obsession with watercolor (have you noticed?) and when you add anything floral to it, it just makes it even better!

Wall Art Print ONLY $12

Now for this daily challenge I added the floral elements and let me tell you, I tried to draw flowers from scratch, but I had such a hard time. I know that with this challenge, I want to get better with my drawing and whatnot. But that's exactly why I wanted to do this challenge, to better my skills and grow as a designer.

This design will be available on my online store for only $15 !!
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Floral Images Designed by Freepik

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