Design Challenge Day Three

3:00:00 PM

Day Three!! WooHoo!
As promised, today's design is a FREE PRINTABLE!

Design Challenge Day 3

Sometimes I struggle with time management and getting things done on the days that I want to get them done. So today's design is a weekly to-do printable!

Design Challenge Day 3

This printable has six boxes (Monday - Friday, and then Saturday and Sunday share a box) and the boxes kind of go down in a gradient style with the rows of boxes.

And if you're printing this grayscale, you'll still get a gradient, but it will be in different tones of gray)

I've also added some cute triangle patterns on the top to give the page some 'visual interest'.

I really hope you guys like it and download it! (Just click the picture below and click the download button, also, if the coloring is off in the image, don't worry. When it prints it'll be the right color)

Let me know what you guys think! 
Remember, if you have any suggestions or challenges, leave them in the comments!

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