Our First Month As A Married Couple

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Here's a brief timeline of our time together.

So, as you can tell by the post date of this blog post.. Scott and I have been married for ONE MONTH! Honestly, I didn't realize it until today! Whoops! I'm pretty sure Scott forgot too. But that's okay.

Today I wanted to share with y'all what our first month of being married has been like.

One month.. I honestly can't believe it. It's gone by so fast.
Not a lot of things have changed. I think that if we didn't live together things would be WAY different, but I'm the type of person that if I am planning to have any kind of future with someone, I HAVE to live with them so that I know that I can actually live with them when we're married.
When you live with someone you get to know them on a whole new level and you begin to learn their habits and their likes and dislikes. For example, when the toilet paper is out... Scott likes to have the end to be over, not under.. You know what I mean?? Does this help?

I don't really have a preference to whichever way the toilet paper hangs. It doesn't really matter to me, so I eventually learned that he wanted it this way and since I didn't care. I started doing that for him.

Okay, enough about toilet paper. Sorry. :)

What I'm trying to explain here is that living with someone helps you to better understand them and to me it's much easier to move in with someone before marriage because having that big of a transition in life could cause a tiny bit of turbulence in your first couple weeks (or months) of being married.

Honestly, not much has changed in our first month being married.

The main thing that has changed is the fact that there is NO MORE WEDDING STRESS!
WooHoo!!!!! I was so stressed out and towards the end of all the planning I didn't care about anything anymore. Normally I'm okay with dealing with stress but planning a wedding pushed me over the edge. But the actual day of the wedding was perfect. And I wouldn't change anything about it.

Another thing that has changed is the fact that I have to figure out if I want to change my name. I wrote a whole post about it which you can click HERE to read it.

After our wedding we took a week long honeymoon to go to Harry Potter World!!! It was amazing!
We stayed at the Loews Portofino Bay Hotel and ohmygosh y'all, it was the most beautiful place I've ever been. Here are some photos so y'all can understand what I'm talking about.

 AM I RIGHT?!?!?!?!? It was amazing! The best time of my life and I got to share it with my best friend in the whole world. The hotel has so many amenities that I can't even name them all, but the ones that we did were awesome! Here's a link to their website so you can see for yourself all the awesome stuff they have!

• There was a ferry to take us DIRECTLY to Universal, which was awesome!
• There are multiple restaurants on the hotel premises. We ate at Bice's (bee-chays or beach-ays) which is a 5 star restaurant and the food was delicious and the waiters had white suit jackets on. It was an awesome experience. I'm not really used to going to 5 star restaurants.
• There was live opera every night!
• There was a gelato place (omg, so good!)
• There was even a Starbucks (my normal coffee is $3.13 but at this one it was $5.30)
• There was a super fancy spa (I got my very first professional massage, it was amazing)
• So much more that I can't even start to explain. HERE'S a link to their website so you can see for yourself all the awesome stuff they have!

The only other thing that has changed so far is that Scott and I merged our car insurance, which has decreased the amount that I pay (every 6 months) about $300 which makes me very happy. Eventually we'll end up getting a joint bank account, but we'll still have our separate accounts. Our joint account will be for house expenses and groceries and things like that. (It's a very good idea for you to discuss these kinds of things with your significant other either before or after you get married. It'll help you get an idea of what to plan for after the wedding.)

This last month has flown by! It seems just like just last week we got married! But I am so happy and all the stress that I went through to have the most perfect wedding! And when my photographer gets done editing the photo's I'll definitely share them with y'all.

Until next time!

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