DIY Wedding Card Box

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     I don't know if any of you know this, but I'm getting married in just under 2 months. I'm super excited, as one should be. However, there are still SO many things to do. I still have to figure out what I'm doing for cupcakes and last minute accessories and shoes for the groomsmen, and all these little things that seem small, but once you realize all the tiny things add up... your brain kind of turns to mush.

But one afternoon I tackled the card box and I must say that it looks FANTASTIC!

     I was done working for the day and I decided that I wanted coffee. But low and behold, we had no coffee in the house (a little lie I tell myself when I want to go to Starbucks, I have a problem, I know, I'm working on it.)
So I get in my car, but I somehow end up at Hobby Lobby(this happens more than you know.) So I go in and I find these boxes 50% off!!!! And I had an idea to make my own card box instead of buying one from etsy.

So I grabbed the box and then I headed off to the craft section to get all the goods. And this is what I brought home.

What I got.

• Chipboard Letters
• Various Colors of Hemp Cord
• Gift Tags (I got the aged/stained ones)
• Flowers
• Crocheted Lace Ribbon

What I already had.

• Watercolor Paints
• Hot Glue Gun

So here's what you do!

Get your letters and cut the lace ribbon so that about half an inch can be seen behind the gift tags.

     Then once you have everything set out how you like it, then you need to paint the letters. I didn't know what color I wanted to paint them so I grabbed a few extra letters that I had and I tested out 3 different colors; Red, Black and Brown.


     After consulting my mom and sister, we all decided that brown was the color.
Now since I used water colors, the 'G' dried lighter than I wanted so I had to go over it a few times. After I figured out how many times I have to go over the letters, I painted them all and waited for them to dry between each coat.

     Next I plugged in my hot glue gun and waited for it to get hot and I started gluing everything down! I was so excited by this point that I forgot to take a picture. My bad. But everything is pretty simple. I glued down the gift tag to the crocheted lace ribbon first, then the letter onto the gift tag and last but not least I glued the flowers on the 'C' and the 'S'

     After all of that dried I took some cream colored hemp cord and I wove it in and out between the holes in the lace ribbon.
     Then you just have to decide on where you want to put the banner, I wanted it hanging from the top of the box, but you can hang it on the front if you want. You can either use the hot glue gun to attach the banner or just tape it. I decided to tape it because I want to use the box for storage and decoration after the wedding. :)

And voila! There you have it! Your very own wedding card box!

UPDATE: I got so many compliments about the Card Box! Everyone loved it!
Here's a picture of it at my wedding!!!!

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